Welcome to Banner ePrint! You've been given access to a report distribution system that uses your Internet browser to quickly and easily retrieve and print the reports you are authorized to see. This page provides a brief introduction to the system.

System Overview

After reports are run, the print files are transferred via a file transfer process (ftp, sftp or scp) to the ePrint server, where the data can be compressed and is prepared for further processing.

Using a web browser, the user selects a report. Depending on the format of the input report, the report will be opened using the appropriate application, such as PDF, Microsoft® Word, Excel or Powerpoint.

A Note About Security

System security in ePrint is provided at three levels: Authentication, Report Authorization and Page Authorization.


Authentication is the first level of security applied to an ePrint user. In order to access ePrint you must by authenticated as a valid user to a repository. This process will validate your identity against your host application.

Report Authorization:

Report Authorization determines which report(s) a user may access. Based on your valid User ID, ePrint will present a list of reports which you have been give access to view. This access will be determined based in entries in Banner or security information loaded in ePrint.

Page Authorization (VBS): [Limited to text based reports only]

Page Authorization security determines which pages of a report a user may access. Page Authorization or Value-based security means that access to the system's data is linked to certain attributes or types of information. If your report-generating application system uses value-based security, then those security rules will be defined to ePrint and will apply to the display of pages of ePrint reports, as well.

In colleges and universities, for example, users may be restricted to report data for certain campuses, divisions, schools or departments. Even if users are authorized access to a report by virtue of their user group, that report may only include the data to which they have security access.

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